Love. Part Deaux

Love. Part Deaux

Feel ur heart beat inside the clasp of my hand,  

Overwhelmed by your presence swirling in Dreamland.

Addicted to the vanilla scents on your skin.

I'm loving the beauty radiating from within.

Falling into your arms, nothing else exists to me.

Destiny, it's meant to be, everlastingly.

I look at you and I see me.

You complement me, my other puzzle piece.

Something I was missing, and didn't even realize until I found you.

Happiness n satisfaction is what i feel when it's just us 2.

Like its us against the world and you always pull through..

N thatz why i love you forever boo



"Accumulated in short bursts, the traumas worse.

Searing pain begins to feel like ecstasy over time spurts.

So many dreams and hopes on the horizon's scope.

Living on the edge, teetering, barely staying afloat.

Holding on by the faintest tendrils of hope.

Rags to riches my life reflects the world's hosts.

Tears over the years, wisdom learned to persevere.

No one really knows my mind, and the places I most fear.

Sometimes I wanna give up, but strength proves resilient.

Blood of slaves churns in my veins, their prayers revealing.

Shuttered down to the last fiber of your being.

Still, processing that last drop through the needle's gleam.

Then Just Desserts await like an oasis.

Traveling the desert of life, developing heart within patience."

- Original poem by Destiny Megan




Trapped in the Mirror

Trapped in the Mirror

"Trapped in the mirror she dwells,

Lying in the shadows of her mind.

The girl used to be quite normal in hindsight.

Enamored by that first glint of light,

She stared into the mirror's depths,

As if scrying a crystal, she felt her death.

Critical canalizations of principle beliefs followed.

As she locked herself deep within her sorrows.

She leaned forward for a closer glimpse,

And found herself trapped within the mirror's midst."

- Original poem by Destiny Megan

Artificial Beauty

Artificial Beauty

"The tyranny of the artificial light.

How delighted I was at first bright.

Artificial beauty seems to be the ultimate perfection.

Convenience gained in favor of skill's reflection.

Technology advances a double edged sword.

Human implications resulting from pursuit of a greater world.

Misguided intentions based in duplicitous dealings.

Orwellian myths mingle with reality to create societal reeling.

Glamour and refinement shimmer as the ultimate attractions.

Is synthetic allure worth the sacrifice of natural interaction?"

- Original poem by Destiny Megan