"Accumulated in short bursts, the traumas worse.

Searing pain begins to feel like ecstasy over time spurts.

So many dreams and hopes on the horizon's scope.

Living on the edge, teetering, barely staying afloat.

Holding on by the faintest tendrils of hope.

Rags to riches my life reflects the world's hosts.

Tears over the years, wisdom learned to persevere.

No one really knows my mind, and the places I most fear.

Sometimes I wanna give up, but strength proves resilient.

Blood of slaves churns in my veins, their prayers revealing.

Shuttered down to the last fiber of your being.

Still, processing that last drop through the needle's gleam.

Then Just Desserts await like an oasis.

Traveling the desert of life, developing heart within patience."

- Original poem by Destiny Megan