"I used to know myself.

I used to like the way I looked, like a barbie doll on a shelf.

It started with the makeup, and then I dyed my hair.

Next up was a slight nose job and a bigger derriere.


All the girls said that this was what the guys wanted,

To be perfect, with a chiseled face, that surgery warranted.

But now, as I gaze upon the glaze of the mirror's reflection,

I see a new friend, a stranger, undetected.


She first revealed herself to me after a few operations.

Now I can't shake the sight of her, no matter my resignations.

Forever entwined within my life, and now Destined as a pair.

For I never again saw the girl that used to appear.


In my hasty search, I must say I felt deranged,

To again, feel the need, for my face to rearrange.

Now another friend stares at me from the mirror,

I lost myself, swirling within thoughts in my interior.


If only I knew, who I was anymore,

My friend's shun me, I hardly open the door.

My only friend, now, is the one I see through the glass

Staring back at me, face eerily aghast

Never smiling, only searching for errors, lesson's critiques

Beauty's perfection fleeting intrinsic blessing's mystique"

- Original Poem by Destiny Megan